Traditions Photography-Valentines Mini Sessions

wallett-2.5x3 Traditions-Photography-Mini-Card2 Traditions-Photography-Mini-Card-3 Traditions Photography Mini Card 1

Have personalized Valentine’s Day cards made up for your children to pass out to their friends.

*Custom greetings will be created for your child

*Order the designs in sets of 8 (4 different designs) for a total of 32 cards.

*The session will take about 30minutes,  and you will choose and order your cards right after the session.

And Best of all, if you had some portraits done with Traditions Photography recently, you can save money by using one of  those images for the cards.Traditions PhotographyValentines Mini Sessions


Traditions Photography-Central Alberta Canine Portraiture

Traditions Photography Canine Portait 1 Traditions Photography Canine Portrait 2


I was checking out some photography books at Chapters one day and came across a book “Horses:  Master Portraits” by Fabio Petroni.  I absolutely fell in love with his way of lighting these horses.  Since then I have wanted to photograph dogs using low key lighting techniques.  I was lucky enough to be able to try this on two dogs the other day.  Meet Arcee and Bacon.  Thank-you Michelle for bringing them in, and thanks to Spencer for all your help too.  It is very important to have someone in charge of treats on a set with dogs….:)

High Key Photography-Traditions Photography

Traditions Photography High Key 3blog copy Traditions Photography High Key 6 blogcopy Traditions Photography High Key 9 blogcopy Traditions Photography High Key 10blog copyOk, it’s time for me to puff out my chest again and show off some of my newest accreditation submissions.  I entered 10 images into judging for High Key Accreditation with the PPOC (Professional Photographers of Canada).  High key is a lighting technique where the dominate tones are pale to white, yet still rendering  dimension with subtle shadows.   High key photography, to me,  gives a sense of purity and simplicity.  The focus is the subject with no distractions from the surroundings or clothing.  To see all 10 images visit my website.

Traditions Photography-Central Alberta Professional Family Photographer

When preparing for this Family Session the mom indicated she wanted a full length session.  This was a good idea for this family as her son is only two and little people need their space and should’t be rushed.  The family was quite relaxed, they did lots of exploring, running in the leaves, blowing dandelions, observing a ladybug, and little W even enjoyed a snack.  Sessions like these are set up by the mom usually, but they are run by the children not the adults or the photographer.Traditions Photography Family 6-1 Traditions Photography Family 6-2 Traditions Photography Family 6-3 Traditions Photography Family 6-5 Traditions Photography Family 6-6

Traditions Photography- Perfect Light

Traditions Photography LandscapeI had just finished a family session tonight when I went back to the location we had been shooting at and took one last photograph.  The sun caught the edge of my lens, I adjusted the settings to get the star effect of the sun streaming through the trees.  A perfect ending to an evening of shooting.  Enjoy!

Traditions Photography-Professional Child Photography

With my family sessions I try to include individual portraits of the children as well.  If I think the child will be shy and timid, I will let them wander around on their own exploring the area where the session is taking place.  This particular little princess is somebody I have photographed since she was a baby.  Knowing how she acts and likes to explore things, I took that into consideration when I scheduled the session.  When we arrived at the location there was lots of excitement so we visited a bit, had a look at the horse and the cat that were there, picked dandelions, and watched a plane fly over head.  I have to admit, sometimes I get caught up in the fun too and forget I am there to “work”.  I like those days…Any ways I did manage to shake myself out of my state of involvement with her and get to business.  She was a peach for the whole session, which as usual, went longer than planned.  Oh well, we all had fun and the session’s images are full of beautiful photographs for mom to look at.  Here is a sneak peek of one of them.Traditions Photography Family2